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Allah will inevitably test His believing servants according to their level of faith, as it recorded in the authentic Hadits: " The people most severely tested are The Prophets, then the righteous, then the next best and next best. A man will be tested in accordance with the degree of his religious commitment, the stronger his religious commitment, the stronger his test. " Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, knows what has happened in the past and what is yet to come, and He knows how that which will not happen would have happened if it were to happen. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahhu Akbar!

The Story of A Man and His Entrance Fees

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One day, Ibrahim ibn Adham tried to enter a public bath. The bath attendant stopped him and asked for the entrance fees. He hung his head and admitted he had no money.

The attendant replied, "If you have no money, you cannot enter the bath."

Ibrahim ibn Adham cried out and sank to the ground, weeping bitterly. A passerby stopped to comfort him. Someone offered him money so he could get into the public bath.

Ibrahim ibn Adhan said : "I'm not weeping because I was refused entrance to the bath. When the bath attendant demanded an admission fee, I was reminded of something which led me to weep. If I am not allowed to enter the bath in this world unless I pay for the fee, what hope do I have of being allowed to enter Paradise? What will happen to me when then they demand, "What godd deeds have you brought? What have you done worthy of being let into Paradise? Just as I was kept out of the bath because I could not pay, I will surely be kept out of Paradise if I have no good deeds to my credit. That is why I weep and moan."

As they reflected on their own lives and deeds, all his listeners began to cry with Ibrahim ibn Adham.

Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah. T___T

How true are the words told here? As we read this story, we could realized something, my friends. You don't have to be a genius to realize what the plot is, right?

One ticket to Heaven, to our eternal abode, lies with our obedience and sense of duty to our mothers. They are one of the ticket bearers and hold one of our admission tickets to Paradise.

Let me ask you a question. Do you want the tickets to Paradise, my friends?

Do not let your chance go to waste, my brothers and sisters, before our 'ticket bearer' gone forever, we better decide now that we must take the one in a lifetime chance; to service her (our beloved mother) in any and many ways that we can do! Of course, before it will be too late, friends!

If you still have your 'ticket bearer' with you, go to her now. Kiss her hands and make her happy. Stroke her face and say that you love her. Go and fulfill your responsibility so that you may gain entrance to the only place we want to be for eternity. Paradise.

GO!!!! ^.^

Farewell DQ!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

20th May 2011.this is my last day in Darul Quran JAKIM as a student of Program Persijilan Tahfiz DQ/UIAM for 2010/2011 session. Usually, when students will finish their study at a place soon,we know that is a 'very-cannot-wait' moment for them, as they will have a new side of life when they're out of the school. Which means that, they are 'out' from discipline rules, 'out' from the hostel rules, and etc. (maybe this happen just for 'unmatured' student, perhaps =.=)

But, it's a different thing i feel right now. I feel that i really want to shout with my whole energy now "I don't want checkout from this place!!!!!" T___T
This place...had gives me 1001 sweet memories and unforgettable moments in every second when i studied there. The lake, the Mosque, the kuliyyah room, the hostel, the meeting room, the hostel field, the tasmik classes, the friends..........

I stil remember when the first time i reached there, my heart asked myself, "cha, is this a really good decision should you take for your future?"now, i understand that this is a kind of question of one who know nothing yet about this barakah place. That's me, once upon a time..
When the SPM result was released, and most of my friends decided to further their studies overseas, my heart asked me again, "cha, did'nt you feel regret for not taking any scholarship to further your study oversea like them?"that time, i choose to stay in DQ.

In that time, i admit that i did'nt know and understand why i choose that decision. It is easy to say, that i just follow the takdir. Nothing more to be asked.

But now,i know the best answer for it.

One thing for sure, what the strongest thing that made me to choose the decison is...
the UKHUWWAH in DQ.The bond is really incredible for me. And, i know, for my friends too.
Just the people who experienced it, will understand. The Ukhuwwah bond which appears in this journey with Al-quran. SubhanAllah.

This, make me reflect something. If this ukhuwwah, which are made between just the ordinary people like us, had made a very 'incredible',amazing, and flourishing moments in our heart, how about, the ukhuwwah between the Sahabah and The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W? The ukhuwwah strengthen by the last Revelation Words from The Highest God, Allah s.w.t? SubhanAllah, i can't imagine how they feel.
Alhamdulillah..thanks to Allah because He had gives me the opportunity to feel this sweetest feeling. I love Allah. Ya Allah, please forgive me for all the sins i'd done.T__T
Please strengthen my heart to keep mujahadah in tadabbur and memorizing Your aayah..
Please keep our ukhuwwah bond till jannah, Ya Allah..

The DQ Mosque. One of the most beautiful mosque i ever seen. 0.o


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